Let Us Help You Guide You Turn Your Business Idea Into Reality

Let’s Clarify Your Business Dream

If you are still in the “idea” phase and haven’t launched your business yet, then your GrowBiz coaching team will first help you clarify the WHO, WHAT, WHY, and HOW of your business model, using the internationally-recognized Business Model Canvas approach. This will help you gain clarity on exactly how your business will create value for customers and how it will capture value to achieve profitability.

Next, your coaching team will help you to design and test your business idea by creating and testing a prototype of your MVP (minimum viable product or service). After evaluating the testing results, you will decide whether to persevere with your business idea and move forward or to pivot and change direction.

Phase 1: Clarify, Design, Test


Milestone 1: Clarify Your Business Idea

Starting with WHO your customer is, WHAT value you provide, and HOW you deliver it, the clarify stage uses tools like the Customer Value Proposition Canvas to pinpoint your target market and value proposition. It also uncovers the WHY—your business’s driving mission, values, and vision.


Milestone 2: Design Your Prototype

This stage turns your idea into a prototype MVP (minimum viable product or service) by defining your product’s essential features. With your coaching team’s help, you’ll create a testable version of your product or service, ready to face real-world customer feedback, by connecting concept to reality.


Milestone 3: Test and Validate

Here, your MVP is put to the test with potential customers to validate your business idea. By conducting customer interviews using a carefully crafted script, you gather invaluable feedback to decide on iterating or pivoting your approach, refining your MVP based on actual market needs.

Plan Your Business With Confidence

Finally, with a validated business idea and model, you are ready to work with your coaches on developing a full business plan and financial projections and be ready to present your business with confidence to potential partners, investors, or customers.

Phase 2: Plan, Fund, Launch


Milestone 1: Create Your Business Plan

In Phase 2, we work with tools like Business Model Canvas (BMC) to refine your business model, ensuring it’s built on clear understanding of your target market and value proposition. We’ll dive deep into your marketing and operations plans, ensuring you’ll reach your customer segments effectively.


Milestone 2: Prepare to Pursue Funding

You’ll outline potential funding options and craft a compelling pitch deck to communicate your business vision to potential investors or partners. This milestone is about preparing you to confidently present your business, highlighting its desirability, feasibility, and viability, to secure the necessary funding for your venture.


Milestone 3: Prepare to Launch!

Finally, you’ll use your comprehensive business plan and financial projections as a guide to identify essential prelaunch steps, from securing final funding to marketing strategies, ensuring you’re ready for a successful market entry. This phase is about action, moving from planning and funding to actual business operations.

Free event: "From a dream to a successful business"

17 April 2024, 18:00 - 21:00
Vendi: #TechSpace

Start your entrepreneurial journey at our free live event tailored specifically for budding entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of business, where ideas merge with reality. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and business mentors.

At this event, we cover 7 key questions that you must answer to avoid failure when realizing your business idea. You will learn practical tools that will help you in the process and you will leave energized and ready to take the first step towards your business dream.

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