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GrowBiz Startup is a program run by LinkAcross that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to start and grow values-based and market-driven businesses across the Balkans.

Impacting the Economy in the Balkans for 10 Years

We have successfully partnered with organizations like USAID and local governments to help hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to start and grow their businesses in a variety of fields.

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Origin Story

GrowBiz Startup is run by LinkAcross, a development organization whose mission is holistic development in the Balkans. GrowBiz Startup is built on years of prior experience servicing hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners at the micro, small, and medium levels of business in Albania and Macedonia. Leveraging its deep connections in the United States, GrowBiz Startup has facilitated dozens of international coaches and trainers connecting with hundreds of Balkan entrepreneurs, resulting in many businesses being launched that are good for people, planet, and profit.


Linking Balkan entrepreneurs with business coaching, training, and financing to turn their dreams into thriving businesses.


To see values-based businesses launched and flourishing across the Balkans, contributing to the region’s holistic development.

The GrowBiz Startup program has been pivotal in launching businesses that are not just profitable, but also beneficial for people and the planet. Our unique approach combines global best practices with local insights, ensuring that every business we assist is equipped to face the challenges of the modern market. Most importantly, we helped entrepreneurs discover their WHY and decide whether starting a business is a good fit for them.


Prioritizing our clients’ business needs and goals first.


Serving our clients by adding the highest level of business value



Operating with honesty, transparency, and consistency.


Teaming with international and local business experts to add maximal value to our clients.

Our Team

Meet the passionate individuals behind GrowBiz Startup. Our team comprises seasoned entrepreneurs, business coaches, and industry experts from the Balkans and the United States, all united by the vision of driving entrepreneurial success in the region.
Clay Buttemere

Clay Buttemere

CEO and Founder of LinkAcross | Director of the Macedonian Office

Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett

COO of LinkAcross | Director of the Albanian Office

Filip Dimitrievikj

Filip Dimitrievikj

GrowBiz Local Coach and Project Manager

Marko Hallidri

Marko Hallidri

GrowBiz Local Coach and Project Manager

+30 International Business Coaches From the USА and EU

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Learn more about our coaching phases for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and how the GrowBiz Startup program can meet your unique business needs.

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Don Bosko, Kompleksi Fiori di Bosko, Kulla 1 nr. 194, Tirana, Albania
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