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If you have already launched your business and are serving customers and are in the “growth” phase or you are facing different business challenges, then your GrowBiz coaching team will first help you to map your existing business model. Then, they will help you assess the different systems of your business (covering marketing, operations, and finances), as well as your own leadership.

Customer Segments

Value Propositions


Customer Relationships

Revenue Streams

Key Resources

Key Activities

Key Partners

Cost Structure

Phase 3: Lead, Manage, Grow


Refine Your Business Model

Start by mapping your current business model to identify areas for growth and improvement. This stage focuses on reassessing your value proposition, customer interface, infrastructure, and cost/revenue structures. Through a SWOT analysis, you’ll pinpoint your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, setting the stage for strategic enhancements.


Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Central to this phase is a deep dive into your leadership capabilities. Through evaluating your leadership strengths and pinpointing areas for growth, you’ll collaboratively design a tailored coaching strategy. This strategy focuses on bolstering your decision-making, team management, and strategic thinking skills, positioning you to steer your business toward continued success and expansion.


Scale Your Startup Business

The final sessions are dedicated to implementing your coaching plan, covering critical areas such as product/service design, branding, marketing, operations, finance, and legal aspects. This hands-on approach ensures you apply what you’ve learned, refine your business practices, and scale your operations effectively, leading to measurable growth and success.

Based on the assessment results, together with your coaching team you will come up with a plan for where you want to focus your coaching sessions. You can work with your coaches on refining your existing business model and making it work better, or you might decide that you need help innovating and making a change in your business. Either way your coaching team is there to support and guide you toward results that are better for people, planet, and profit.

Free Training for Startup Owners

Experience a transformative event tailored for current startup owners at our live event for scaling existing businesses. This dynamic gathering is designed to propel your existing business towards new heights. Dive into advanced strategies for scaling, sustainability, and innovation, guided by experienced business leaders and industry experts.

Network with fellow business owners, exchange experiences, and explore new perspectives. Our live event offers a unique platform to learn methods that will refine your business model, and uncover new opportunities for expansion and success.

Start Your Business Transformation

Are you ready to take your business and leadership skills to the next level? Connect with us to explore how Phase 3 of GrowBiz Startup can revolutionize your approach to business management and growth.

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